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Satur Farms

Satur Farms grows specialty salads, leafy vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, root vegetables, and herbs. We are committed to sustainable farming, not only in relation to our fields and the safe production of our vegetables, but also ensuring our employees continuing and livable wages. 

Satur Farms adheres to sound agricultural practices with a focus on respect for the soil. We practice crop rotations, so that the same family of vegetable is not planted in the same field block during the growing season. This helps minimize disease occurrence and feeds the soil. We have taken over tired farmland and mineralized the soil, which balances the CEC ratio allowing for the growth of healthy plants that are less susceptible to disease. We also plant cover crops, using custom seed blends of clover, legumes, and grasses, which binds nitrogen and prevents toxic runoff, deters erosion from wind and rain, and makes beautiful 'green manure' that is tilled down to enrich the soil and its microbiological activity. Organically- approved sprays are used whenever possible. Our concern for the environment continues with our packaging materials, which are 100% recyclable when achievable.


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